Let's create the most interesting town on earth.

The spring of 2011, right after the 3.11, ISHINOMAKI2.0 was born in the city which is the closest to the epicenter and full of rubbles.
The passion inside and outside of the area keep involving more ambitiousness and challenges in the movement.
We do not want to return to the pre-earthquake state. We make various networks with High school students, companies,
universities, experts, governors flat and create a prototype which could be applied to the world.

Beyond the positions and ties, nor outside of the human person in the open communication that is connected to the flat. In idea that it is not bound by stereotypes, and opens up an open city.
It’s boring that people simply match around. We really welcome unique people. ISHINOMAKI 2.0 grows mavericks and make the town attractive to empower young people.
ISHINOMAKI2.0 Connect.
We connect the town with people, both inside and the outside. Young and skilled people who are connected to various helpful networks. We inflate the knowlage and the assets that people have gained through experience with open ideas to pass on to the next generation.
The irresponsible egalitarianism the mean value exist in this society. Is it that valuable? We think it is important to make equal opportunity to people who want to challenge and cherish the good sense even if it is minority more than the answer decided by majority vote.
We believe that society is better off not simply buying mass products from mass retailers but to enjoy creating things ourselves. We created a place where like-minded people can meet, cooperate and work together to make a creative town and to cherish the spirit of DIY.


  • 松村豪太
    Gota Matsumura

  • 伊勢菜摘
    Natsumi Ise

  • 斉藤誠太郎
    Seitaro Saito

  • 雁部隆寿
    Takashi Ganbe

  • 矢口龍太
    Ryuta Yaguchi

  • 阿部 拓郎
    Takuro Abe

  • 山内 楓花
    Fuka Yamauchi

  • 吉川 結衣
    Yui Yoshikawa

  • 木暮 遥奈
    Haruna Kogure


  • 理事 / 勝邦義
    Kuniyoshi Katsu

  • 理事 / 千葉隆博
    Takahiro Chiba

  • 理事 / 古山隆幸
    Takayuki Furuyama

  • 理事 / 真野洋介
    Yosuke Mano

  • 理事 / 西田司
    Osamu Nishida

  • 理事 / 渡邊享子
    Kyoko Watanabe

  • 梅田綾
    Aya Umeda

  • 飯田昭雄
    Akio Iida

  • 芦沢啓治
    Keiji Ashizawa

  • 小泉瑛一
    Yoichi Koizumi

  • 湯浅友絵
    Tomoe Yuasa

  • 遠藤誉央
    Takahiro Endo

  • 楠瀬友将
    Tomoyuki Kusunose

  • 松永有子
    Yuko Matsunaga

  • 豊島栄美
    Eimi Toyoshima

  • 松下嘉広
    Yoshihiro Matsushita

  • 鈴木健文
    Takefumi Suzuki

  • 近江志乃
    Shino Oumi

  • 加納実久
    Miku Kano

  • 渕上 理佐
    Risa Fuchigami