ISHINOMAKI 2.0 was established in May, 2011, with the aim to renew Ishinomaki, one of the hardest hit city in the Great East Japan Earthquake, to become a new city, instead of rebuilding the city back to how it was before the quake. Our organization consists of members with diverse backgrounds such as local shop owners, NPO workers, architects from Tokyo, city planning researchers, creative producers, web directors and university students. We set to create new ways of communication by discovering the great assets the city of Ishiomaki innately owns with the new talents connected by Ishiomaki.
ISHINOMAKI 2.0 is a very open organization. Our aim is to create a system where everyone becomes the hero of creating new Ishinomaki by involving talents from and outside of Ishiniomaki.
We hope that Ishinomaki becomes the model of a “version up” city to create Japan in the next “version”.

[About ISHINOMAKI Chuo:]
Ishiomaki Chuo (the old central town area) was suffering from recession even before the earthquake and the city street was named as “Shutter street” because of many shops closed down with their shutters closed. Although the city suffered great damage from Tsunami, with the endevor of the local residents and volunteer works, debris and sludges were cleaned out. However, what was left was vacant space with no buildings and empty shops who decided to close down the business.
There has been new movement to reuse those vacant properties such as converting garages into an open shared office, facilities for visitors to the town to stay economically by utilizing vacant rooms, creating a bar in a DIY style. People who first visited the city is already part of the Ishinomaki family.
Our goal is to create more dynamic movement for the Ishinomaki Chuo without letting it go back to what it used to be before the quake.


IRORI ISHIOMAKI is an open business cafe where anyone can use while serving as the Information Center of the Ishinomaki 2.0 and sharing the space with the Ishinomaki Lab. Equipped with free wi-fi and free electricity supply, we have fresh brewed coffee served for 300 JPY with free refills for the whole day. If booked in advance, the whole venue can be reserved. This place used to be a garage with no electricity supply. However the garage was converted into a public space open for the city of Ishinomaki, with the collaboration of the Ishinomaki Lab and the artisans of an American furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller.

Fukko Bar was originally a tenant flooded to the ceiling by Tsunami and renovated in a DIY style with a few members of ISHINOMAKI2.0 and friends, opened in July 2011. The bar becomes full house with just 10 people but is filled with passionate conversions exchanged between people coming from all over the world. The wall has the painting inspired by the stories told by the bar owner’s memories and the place provides one of a kind communication space that cannot be found anywhere in the world but here.

FUKKOU MINPAKU was invented to let visitors to Ishinomaki to stay within the city center .
We have renovated rooms which were already empty before the earthquake to create new values where people can stay for the night. Various people such as volunteer workers or tourists stay at this place. Room001 has been in operation since September 2011, and Rom002 since November and 80 guests in average use this facility monthly.
The 50% of the fee is paid to the owner of the property and the rest is saved for the operation. It is our goal to create new flow of people to support the rather fragile local economy by re-activating the vacant properties.

*FUKKOU MINPAKU was closed in 2013

ISHIOMAKI VOICE is a collection of the real voice of the Ishinomaki people, published in the form of a free magazine. It serves to introduce Ishinomaki through the eye of Ishiniomaki locals, such as the culture and history of Ishinomaki and what kind of future people of Ishinomaki envisions.
ISHINOMAKI VOICE was distributed not only within Ishinomaki area but also to nation wide and has so far been successful with getting attentions and interests to Ishiomaki. The “swirl” that this medium has created has keep getting people involved in the dynamism Ishinomaki is creating.

2.0 EXCURSION is a program that introduces the on-going rebuilding process of Ishinomaki . Please see and feel what the actual rebuilding process is, by taking a city tour of Ishiomaki with the member of Ishinomaki 2.0. The shopping alleys with development, the panorama view from the top of the Hiyoriyama maoutain, and the coastal area completely swept away by Tsunami. Whatever vision you have is all reality of today’s Ishinomaki.

ISHINOMAKI KEIZAI SHINBUN was first publisehd in April 2012 as part of the “Minna no Keizai Shimbun Network”. We provide news on various topics from the Ishimoaki-city.
The city never lacks hot news where the rebuilding process very active.
We provide daily news such as “Did you know that that celebrity is coming? “ “ That great restaurant re-opened the business”.. We are also waiting for your breaking news of the town!

[RADIO “real VOICE”]
ISHINOMAKI 2.0 hosts once in two weeks radio program on Radio Ishiomaki, a local FM station. Just like we do with ISHINOMAKI VOICE, the free publication, we hear each and every one of people in Ishinomaki. This programs let listeners know Ishiomaki realtime in real voice. Gota Matsumura is the personality. The program is also available through simultaneous broadcasting on the Internet without you being in Ishinomaki.

Re:FUTEBOLISTA is a futsal (5 men football) tournament and held every once in two months and players from in and out of Sendai prefectures join this tournament. It attracts both beginners to advanced players, and often professional football players.
The tournament was held in the Nakaze Park
which was rarely used after the quake, and the tournament successfully brought
back cheering voices.
We aim to bond children or grown ups together through futsal.

ITNAV provides a place where the youth from the Ishinomaki, who will be the driving force of the next generation of Ishiomaki, learn web designs and software development.
“ITNAV” represent IT + BUSINESS + STUDY in Japanese.
We aim to create a place to promote employment and professional skill development under the concept of “IT and regional industry”.

The map was produced based on the research by the research group led by Professor Mano of the Tokyo Institute of the Technology. The team entered Ishinomaki in May 2011 and they have since then continued to hold workshops with the local residents on the city planning.
On the cover, the map introduces restaurants and shops that restarted their business, and the other side of the sheet introduces alleys and traditional storehouse and other hidden history of Ishinomaki.
We hope you enjoy walking around Ishinomaki with this map!

COMMUNITY CAFE KAMESHICHI was created within the tenant of an established Kimono reseller that continues for the fourth generation called “KAMESHICH”. THe locals and visitors coming outside of the city gather around in this cafe, thanks fo the great personality of the owners. The cafe offers the state-of-art electronic magazine in iPad and a collection of 2000 magazines from 70s. These magazines is a personal collection of the president of KAM SHICHI. You might discover a great collection you might not have expected find.

“KAWABIRAKI MATSURI (River Opening Festival)” is the largest festival in Ishinomaki that is held early August annually.
A half year after the 3.11, Ishiomaki 2.0 curated a series of events that continued through a week before the festival and during the festival for 10 days.
Outdoor theater, city planning symposium, solar energy cafe, Bergium cafe, Ishinomaki 2.0 Information Center, music live. These 10 days was for us to look for the catalyst for Ishinomaki to revive itself after the quake. We are planning another Stand Up Week in 2012.

ISHIONMAKI LABORATORY was created by architects and product designers who wish to provide a place where Ishinomaki locals can find the hint to stand on their feet again, and place for “making things” that will continue to thrive even after the city’s rebuilding process is over.
We produce and sale original furnitures and bags and offer workshops to provide experience of making things.

The website introduces unfound gems in the Ishinomaki real estate market, giving the spotlight on its uniqueness with idea and design. Even with some shortcomings of the property, it can transform into an interesting place if the tentans can renovate the place and see it from different angles.
We continue to search for fun ways of living in Ishinomaki with people who would like to come and live and locals who would like to rent out their properties.

ISHINOMAKI MARCHE OMORI is a pilot shop in the Oomori shopping arcade in Tokyo where delicacies of Ishinomaki are sold by the Ishinomaki locals. We aim to connect Ishinomaki and Tokyo by merchandizing Ishinomaki foods sent directly from Ishinomaki such as “The tin can of hope”, miso, soysource, and Ishinomaki fried noodle.
The shop opened every Saturday, and during the daytime, the place served as a shop and at night, MARCHE became a market of people, goods, and information by gathering people associated with the rebuilding activities.

[2.0 KIDS]
The impact the earthquake had on the environment that surrounds children is immense. Parks that were once the playing field were washed away or occupied by temporary housings and kids have lost places where they can play freely.
We are currently planning to build a “Play Park” style playing field in Koganehama, Ishinomaki. “Play Park” is a place where tools or styles are not pre-determined and kids are invited to think and create their own playing field. . We aim to enrich children’s senses and emotion by instructing them on how to use carpenter tools and giving them imagination on how “play” could evolve itself.